Shantala Baby Massage

A baby is a very sensitive human being. A baby is able to feel or sense before it can even talk. Therefore, a baby can feel the stress of adults around and be affected by it. Also, as a baby, we experience a lot of stress during the process of birth and also during motoric development. The Shantala Massage is a technique that has been applied on babies within the Ayurveda tradition to release the baby of stress and guarantee its healthy development.


The Shantala Baby Massage can be applied from baby to childhood till the age of seven.

This massage technique supports the release of accumulated stress and intestinal gas within the tiny body of the baby/child, it stimulates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates the immune system of the baby while growing up, and support the baby's motoric development among other benefits.


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"A healthy baby is a happy baby"


- Syreal S. Aniceta